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A condition that many reptiles are sensitive to is rickets. This is a deformation of the skeleton and is caused by a lack of calcium. The consequences of too little calcium are only too noticeable after a longer period of time, but the process is often irreversible. Therefore, always make sure that your Crested Geckos have an extra source of calcium available and also get enough vitamin D3, which is necessary to be able to absorb the calcium and thus build strong bones. Characteristics of rickets are deformed bones, for example crooked legs or a crooked back.

Some examples of rickets in a Crested Gecko.


Constipation can occur if the animals eat too much substrate, or by incorrect diet. Make sure you have the right nutrition for your animal and do not use sand as a substrate for your Wimperkko’s, for example. This reduces the risk of blockages and keeps your animal healthy for longer.


Diarrhea indicates an infection of the intestines by, for example, coccidiosis or flagellates, so always go to a vet in time. Worms can also cause diarrhea. All of these parasite infestations are highly contagious and must be treated appropriately as soon as possible to prevent further spread.


Pneumonia can be recognized by mucus in the mouth and difficulty in breathing and can be the result of drafts in the terrarium. Always try to avoid drafts as many reptiles are sensitive to this. Mouth rot also sometimes occurs in geckos, this can be recognized by yellow or white pus in the mouth and can sometimes be confused with pneumonia. The gecko needs medication for both conditions and the drugs used are different for each condition. Always seek the advice of a veterinarian so that you are not mistakenly treated incorrectly.

Problems with egg laying:

Females can have problems laying eggs, usually due to calcium deficiencies. Often it is then necessary to remove the egg or eggs surgically, if this is not done, the animal can die from this.

Bad shedding:

Bad shedding can be remedied by raising the humidity in the terrariun, for example by spraying a little extra and in the form of a bowl of moist spagnum or peat moss in which the animals can crawl. Pieces of skin that remain stuck can cause problems, especially in the eyes and toes. NEVER pull on the gecko’s skin. If reptiles have problems with shedding, this can be due to a lack of vitamin A, a bad condition and illness. Just have your animal checked by a vet.

Prevent diseases through good hygiene, good nutrition and reducing stress as much as possible.

Some examples of a good shedding. You will more often see geckos pulling the molt themselves or even eating it, this is no problem and natural behavior for the animals!

Prevent diseases through good hygiene, good nutrition and reducing stress as much as possible.