Why is my gecko hiding in the bottom substrate?

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For some it is recognizable for others a surprise, but sometimes Eyelash Geckos hide in the soil substrate. The behavior is more often observed in summer than in winter, which in itself can be explained well. Eyelash geckos often show this behavior when the temperatures are too high and there is no place in the terrarium that is cold enough to cool down. Often the geckos then crawl away in the soil substrate, especially if it is moist and slightly colder than the environment.

In the hot summer months it is sometimes difficult to keep the temperature low, your gecko often does this, however, if the temperatures outside do not rise, it is wise to measure the temperature in the tank and adjust it downwards if necessary. Do you have several animals in one terrarium and do you have a gecko that has been digging but has not been in the soil substrate for a long time? Then take a good look at the place where it was dug! There is a chance that you have a male and female and the female has laid eggs.

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