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Crested Geckos are by nature very calm animals and will not bite quickly if picked up. However, like most reptiles, they remain wild animals. Handling the geckos causes stress, as with many terrarium animals. PAY ATTENTION!!!! Be careful not to grab a Crested Gecko by the tail, because of natural flight and self-preservation behavior the gecko will repel its tail and will flee. With most gecko species the tail grows back by itself, this is NOT the case with Crested Geckos.

It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Remove dead, uneaten food animals every day.
  • Remove excrement before feeding again.
  • Spray the terrarium every day to maintain humidity.
  • Change the drinking water for fresh water daily.
  • Do not place food and drinking water on the ground, but hang it up.
  • Replace soil material regularly (frequency depends on substrate used).
  • Please note that you will need to clean the glass of the terrarium often.
  • Preferably do not use cleaning agents.
  • Always wash your hands well before handling to reduce the risk of getting sick.
  • Always wash your hands after coming into contact with the animals, reptiles can transmit Salmonella.
crested gecko on tree trunk